University of Colorado Boulder

  1. CSCI 4308/18
    Software Engineering Project 1/2
    Graduate Teaching Assistant
    Spring 2020 | Fall 2020 | Spring 2021
    This is one of the year-long senior capstone options for computer science students. In each semester, I mentored between seven and nine teams that work on real-world projects sponsored by companies and academic units.
  2. CSCI 7000
    Deep Reinforcement Learning and Robotics
    Graduate Student Staff
    Summer 2020
    I co-developed a new graduate-level course with my advisor. I planned and delivered 3 hours of lectures on deep learning, DQN, and DDPG. Other responsibilities included designing and grading the homework assignments, and deciding on course readings.
  3. CSCI 1300
    Computer Science 1: Starting Computing
    Graduate Teaching Assistant
    Fall 2019
    I graded assignments and taught weekly recitations for a class of 48 students, in addition to holding weekly office hours.

Reed College

  1. Lower-Division Physics and Statistics
    Peer Tutor
    2014 – 2017
  2. PHYS 331
    Advanced Laboratory I
    Teaching Assistant
    Fall 2015
  3. MATH 141
    Introduction to Probability and Statistics
    Homework Grader
    Fall 2014 | Spring 2015
  4. PHYS 101
    General Physics I
    Homework Grader
    Fall 2014